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Peter O’Toole Is The Man

I’ve been a little subtle about it, but I’ve got a Peter O’Toole obsession. I had to write a roast about him for one of my writing classes yesterday, and I stumbled across this clip as part of my research. Maybe it’s the drama geek in me, but I could listen to this man talk for hours about acting, the theater, Shakespeare – the whole nine yards. Anyway, I thought to share this with you all.


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Can’t Beat The Hustle


This was the scene outside of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater Training Center. UCBT recently announced they would be holding auditions for their improv teams and on Tuesday, hundreds of us working comedians showed up to sign up for an audition slot. This line started halfway up 30th Street and snaked around onto 7th Avenue. Last year, I think 700 people auditioned to get on a team.

I’m auditioning next Friday. Wish me luck!

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