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“Portlandia” Is Amazing

Mark my words: Portlandia will reach the cult heights of Mr. Show. I have no shame in saying it, because I believe it. Aside from the writing and acting (which is super-sharp), I really love what they do with the story structure. Written like a sketch show, Portlandia being solely about life and times in 2011 Portland, Oregon gives it a quasi-sitcom feel, and the jokes (in the pilot anyway) never feel run into the ground. The old lady in the “Hide and Seek” is awesome…

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Matt Fried’s Failed Sketch Ideas

“Barack Obama and Santa Claus Save Earth”

Aliens invade the planet Earth on Christmas Eve and take the First Family hostage. Joe Biden is frozen in suspended animation (a la the plot device in Demolition Man). President Barack Obama is left without an ally… except for the Big Guy In Red. Santa Claus and Obama team up to kick some extraterresterial butt. In the final showdown, the aliens unmask themselves to reveal they are really Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin. As Obama outnerds Jindal on Battlestar Galactica Risk, Santa puts Sarah Palin in a headlock. As their alien spacecraft falls to Earth, Palin and Jindal escape. Obama and Santa are able to land the ship in the Potomac River and the two rescue the Obama Family with the help of Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer and Tiny Tim.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Meanwhile, deep in the far reaches of space, Palin and Jindal summon the Dark Force spirit of Barry Goldwater and inform him that they have failed their Sith Master. Goldwater then delivers the classic closer “You idiots! So much for a neo-conservative Christmas!” and delivers a two-way bitch slap across their faces.

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I’m in court, here’s a sketch I was in.

So, guess who has to go back to the State Supreme Court for day 2 of jury duty? This guy. Apologies that my blogging trends seemed to falter this week – between a sketch comedy show on Monday and jury duty on Thursday, I’ve been spending my week getting as much work done as possible before I had to go do my patriotic duty.

Sketch comedy show? What’s that Matt Fried? Yup folks, I was finally in one of those. It was directed by Kevin Allison of The State (for all you non-comedy nerds, it was a very popular alterna-comedy group in the mid-’90s; they had a show on MTV). Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I got to work with some really great up and coming writers and performers. Here’s one of the sketches I was in: a parody of Top Chef. Since this was a class show, keep in mind we produced it with no budget and 12 hours of rehearsal (or, one lost weekend). Plus, my British accent is fake (I know, you would’ve never guessed). More to come, enjoy!


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