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5 Second Seasons I’m Looking Forward To Watching

Season 2 – the make-or-break season. By giving a show a second season, a network is saying “Guess what – you’re now part of our mission statement.” This fall already promises new original programming, but everybody has written about those shows. Here’re my 5 second seasons that I’ll be watching next week…

    1. Community – The sitcom that divided a nation will be back for a second go, and I couldn’t be more excited. Community seemed to struggle out of the gate, being the latest addition to NBC Thursday night line-up between its established workhorses The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation; but the cast was always great and the premise clever. After The 2010 Winter Olympics ended, Community‘s writing steadily grew to being unstoppable – Jack Black was a sociopath, Joel McHale went the full monty in a game of pool, Donald Glover’s and Danny Pudi’s chemistry became quirky and nerdtastic, THE WHOLE PAINTBALL EPISODE WAS FREAKIN’ BRILLIANT! With a season finale that left us hanging with so many questions, I’m stoked to see where Dan Harmon and company will take it.

    2. Modern Family – Believe it or not, it was ABC who finally toppled 30 Rock‘s reign as the most likable sitcom in Hollywood, see 2010 Emmy for Best Sitcom. What seemed like a “6 episodes ’til canceled” series at first surprised everyone with a strong pilot that built on its momentum. Does the show still drip with ABC’s trademark schmaltz? Yup. Does the writing also find a way to make a family sitcom enjoyable to the masses? Double yup.

    3. Bored To Death – This show genuinely surprised me for a different reason: I wasn’t a fan of the pilot, but loved the rest of the series. Aside for being goofy and straight-up madcap at times, Bored To Death reveals a New York that very little people have heard about: South Brooklyn. The show is set in Fort Greene and Boerum Hill, filmed half of its locations in Park Slope, and pretty much nailed the upper middle class, vegan, touchy-feely, stroller-bearing, brownstone dwelling sub-culture that thankfully has kept all the cool kids ensconced in Williamsburg for a decade. Jason Schwartzman’s dead-pen egoism is funny, but the show is owned by Zach Galifinakis’s man-child comic book artist sidekick, and Ted Danson’s silverfox playboy buffoon of a magazine editor and Schwartzman’s boss.

    4. The League – The fact that I’ve now named 4 sitcoms in a row should tell you what I thought about Treme. The League was my sleeper pick of new shows last season. Funny, original, perfect complement to It’s Always Sunny…? Yes. But what makes this one great is that it’s not just about fantasy football – it’s about being a 30-something guy, and getting the last of your shit together. In this case: balancing a youthful pastime with everything else that happens after you take out your first mortgage. The League avoids going off the deep end in either direction: just when you think these guys hit a new personal low that asks for a little sympathy, you’re made to remember – they put everything on hold for imaginary sports. Brilliant.

    5. Eastbound and Down – Kenny Powers, TV’s most lovable asshole. There’s something about Eastbound… that I kept coming back to; and that would be how much destruction and comedy can its protagonist cause in one scene. What you like about Kenny Powers is his everyman background; what you hate about Kenny Powers is that that everyman was probably at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally this past summer. Either way, Kenny’s in Mexico now, on the lam from his girlfriend, and playing baseball again. Let it ride hombre.

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My Love For “Jersey Shore” Doth Wain…

Look internet, I love trashy TV as much as the next unemployed BFA graduate. No other show tops that list more than Jersey Shore, MTV’s parade of ugly stereotypes and bad Eurotrash music. By now, we all know that reality TV – like any other commodity on TV – is anything but unscripted. And, we know that to expect an episode of Jersey Shore to air without one majorly offensive thing towards gender, sexuality, race, domestic relationships, or even basic grammar and articulation popping up is like expecting Christmas without Santa Claus.

But seriously – I’m glad Season 2 is almost over, because the guidos are getting on my nerves.

This is the pratfall of most reality TV shows: a docusoap demands big personalities. But when a network invests in a franchise, that doesn’t mean the show will continue to be as engaging as the first season. Despite Jersey Shore‘s big attitudes, there hasn’t been much in character development or storylines this season: Sammi is still with Ronnie, who treated her like garbage through-out season 2; Snooki finally got over her grating emotional neediness but not much else; J-Woww is still… well, J-Woww; and Angelina is certifiably crazy. These were all things we knew by the end of Season 1, and nothing as interesting has happened since on the show. If anything, Pauly D and The Situation have seemed to dial down their outlandishness this time around, and leave the drama to the other housemates. The eternally likable Vinny, of course, has tried to be more of a “smush” man this season with Situation and Pauly, but I never fully bought it because a) we know that Vinny is better than much of his counterparts’ antics, and b) we know that 10 years from now, Vinny will have pulled a “George Clooney” on his housemates and gone on to bigger and better things after Jersey Shore.

Which leads me to my closing point: with season 3 of Jersey Shore already in post-production, I hope MTV is either ready to pull the plug on the show (which they are not), or ready to find a new cast of self-absorbed, irony-intolerant young’uns to exploit for season 4 (might I suggest Hasidic Jews partying in a deluxe pre-war in Brighton Beach? Jersey Shore: Little Russia By The Sea?). The guidos have brought a lot of fun and personal betterment into my life, but I’m beginning to get over it. My hope is that Season 3 either takes the show to a new level of ridiculous, or calls it a day. Either way, I’m still addicted to “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias, who I haven’t heard from since 2000. So… good work, MTV… ?

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