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Ugly NYC Real Estate

Maybe it’s the Recession, but ugly real estate seems to be New York’s latest scourge. Granted, New York is already a tough place to live. But even in an era where deceptively low interest rates still exist, who exactly would want to pay 2.5% on a $35,000 condo that looked like this…

Or, how about something that looks like a rejected set piece from A Clockwork Orange?

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It’s The Economy, Stupid…

I was planning to post new video today, but my wifi crashed this morning. So, as I’m waiting for YouTube to upload on a plug-in modem, I present…

Best 5 Things About New York In A Major Recession

  1. Graffiti is back.
  2. More people want to see comedy.
  3. Less tourists in Times Square – Midtown is actually tolerable for the first time in 16 years.
  4. Everybody still with a job is working harder than ever.
  5. Blogging about the recession seems relevant, and could lead to sex from blog groupies.

Worst 5 Things About New York In A Major Recession

  1. Crime is on the upswing.
  2. Bars are closing earlier.
  3. Unemployment.
  4. More trash is appearing on the streets.
  5. Depressed yuppies, which are worse than happy yuppies.

Hopefully, the video will be ready in another hour; thanks for hanging in there!

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