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To Freddie, with Love

So apparently, I missed that it was Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday last month (thanks adulthood).  Google released this sick Google Doodle of the Queen classic, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, which coincidentally taps into everything I dreamed of in pre-adolescence: 1) One day becoming a cultural icon, 2) imagining the world as an 8-bit video game, and 3) owning a large collection of full-bodied, Roman onesies.

Thanks for everything, Freddie.  We miss you.

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Happy Mercury New Year!

Spend today rockin’ out like Freddie. Happy 2010, everyone!

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Amending Freddie

Yesterday, I may’ve confused a few people by encouraging them to rock out to Big Country with an epic picture of Freddie Mercury.

I then tipped the scales only further by invoking the lyrics of a completely different song in order to rock to Big Country’s song.

For this gaffe, I apologize. To make amends, I present the music video to said misquoted song – “I Want To Break Free” by Queen – in order to give both works equal face time.

Sorry again, Freddie.

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