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My Love For “Jersey Shore” Doth Wain…

Look internet, I love trashy TV as much as the next unemployed BFA graduate. No other show tops that list more than Jersey Shore, MTV’s parade of ugly stereotypes and bad Eurotrash music. By now, we all know that reality TV – like any other commodity on TV – is anything but unscripted. And, we know that to expect an episode of Jersey Shore to air without one majorly offensive thing towards gender, sexuality, race, domestic relationships, or even basic grammar and articulation popping up is like expecting Christmas without Santa Claus.

But seriously – I’m glad Season 2 is almost over, because the guidos are getting on my nerves.

This is the pratfall of most reality TV shows: a docusoap demands big personalities. But when a network invests in a franchise, that doesn’t mean the show will continue to be as engaging as the first season. Despite Jersey Shore‘s big attitudes, there hasn’t been much in character development or storylines this season: Sammi is still with Ronnie, who treated her like garbage through-out season 2; Snooki finally got over her grating emotional neediness but not much else; J-Woww is still… well, J-Woww; and Angelina is certifiably crazy. These were all things we knew by the end of Season 1, and nothing as interesting has happened since on the show. If anything, Pauly D and The Situation have seemed to dial down their outlandishness this time around, and leave the drama to the other housemates. The eternally likable Vinny, of course, has tried to be more of a “smush” man this season with Situation and Pauly, but I never fully bought it because a) we know that Vinny is better than much of his counterparts’ antics, and b) we know that 10 years from now, Vinny will have pulled a “George Clooney” on his housemates and gone on to bigger and better things after Jersey Shore.

Which leads me to my closing point: with season 3 of Jersey Shore already in post-production, I hope MTV is either ready to pull the plug on the show (which they are not), or ready to find a new cast of self-absorbed, irony-intolerant young’uns to exploit for season 4 (might I suggest Hasidic Jews partying in a deluxe pre-war in Brighton Beach? Jersey Shore: Little Russia By The Sea?). The guidos have brought a lot of fun and personal betterment into my life, but I’m beginning to get over it. My hope is that Season 3 either takes the show to a new level of ridiculous, or calls it a day. Either way, I’m still addicted to “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias, who I haven’t heard from since 2000. So… good work, MTV… ?

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Matt Fried’s Failed Sketch Ideas

“Barack Obama and Santa Claus Save Earth”

Aliens invade the planet Earth on Christmas Eve and take the First Family hostage. Joe Biden is frozen in suspended animation (a la the plot device in Demolition Man). President Barack Obama is left without an ally… except for the Big Guy In Red. Santa Claus and Obama team up to kick some extraterresterial butt. In the final showdown, the aliens unmask themselves to reveal they are really Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin. As Obama outnerds Jindal on Battlestar Galactica Risk, Santa puts Sarah Palin in a headlock. As their alien spacecraft falls to Earth, Palin and Jindal escape. Obama and Santa are able to land the ship in the Potomac River and the two rescue the Obama Family with the help of Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer and Tiny Tim.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Meanwhile, deep in the far reaches of space, Palin and Jindal summon the Dark Force spirit of Barry Goldwater and inform him that they have failed their Sith Master. Goldwater then delivers the classic closer “You idiots! So much for a neo-conservative Christmas!” and delivers a two-way bitch slap across their faces.

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The Obama Conspiracy Begins..

It’s nice to street art that doesn’t DIRECTLY slander a President.

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