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Pre-Order The Survivalist by Matt Fried Today!


People of Earth:

After 4 long years, my novel The Survivalist is now available for pre-order!

For paperback or Kindle, go to Amazon.

For iPad, iPhone, or Apple devices, go to iBooks.

Fun fact: if you purchase the Amazon paperback, you can get the Kindle edition at a discount.

Audiobook will be available on Audible, iTunes, and other audiobook platforms in December 2016.


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10 Things That I’m Super-Excited About For The 2010 NFL Season

1. The Rise of Kevin Kolb – After watching him in the Eagles first preseason game on Friday, I’m a bit more sold on #4. A bit less Philly fan, much more true believer.

2. Miles Austin cancels the T.O. show – Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS FOR TEXAS STADIUM TO BURN TO THE GROUND. I have no love for The Dallas Cowboys, but I’m man-crushing on Miles Austin. After reading his Sports Illustrated cover story, he seems like the kind of low-key, super-producing wideout you wish was more prevalent in the NFL. However, no one seems to care anymore when T.O. runs his mouth – so perhaps Austin is setting a new precedent.

3. The slow demise of Brett Favre – Imagine you get a chance to make a movie with Clint Eastwood. But not Dirty Harry. Not Unforgiven. Not even Mystic River. It’s actually Gran Torino 2: Still Racist. That cool rush of disappointment you’re feeling on your skull is exactly how I feel about Brett Favre and his Dead End Carnival of Ego.

4. The Detroit Lions 2010 Season – Last season, Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez both gave great evidence that the Draft Class of ’09 are far from bust. But Stafford – along with Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best – just make for a much more intriguing storyline. For a franchise that could use a winning season, I’m rooting for The Motor City Brat Pack.

5. Brady Quinn’s Jaw-Dropping Skill At Holding A Clipboard – I love underdog stories, through-and-through. I want to believe that a guy like Brady Quinn could be the second coming of Jeff Garcia. But after watching his highlight reel from the Broncos-Bengals preseason game on Sunday, I can’t see how that’ll even begin to happen behind the much more dependable Kyle Orton and Bible scholar man-child, Tim Tebow.

6. The Dallas Cowboys 0-16 season – A guy can dream, can’t he? Go Eagles.

7. The Yellow Journalism That Will Haunt The New York Jets – I’m not saying the Jets won’t build on the promise of last season, but what I am saying is “They’re the Jets.” The team has been largely inconsistent for the last four seasons, and even with the BEVY of talent they now have, I’m not jumping any bandwagons until they post 9 wins.

8. Drew Brees’s Tango With The Madden Curse – My favorite quarterback in the entire league, and he’s the guy who is currently walking around with a target on his head.

9. The San Francisco 49ers quietly becoming relevant again – I always thought Alex Smith was a better quarterback than Eli Manning; the rookie numbers making that painfully obvious. But Smith also caught a few tough breaks in The City By The Bay. However, I – like every other football writer – am thinking that this year is different.

10. The Philadelphia Eagles Finally Winning A Super Bowl – This season, the team celebrates its last NFL championship from 50 years ago. Once again, a guy can dream.

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My Interview With Beth Lapides

The founder of The Un-Cabaret, The Other Network, the one-woman show 100% Happy, 88% Of The Time and Sex and The City! (she’s the performance artist)

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Dinner With Andrew W.K.

Remember that time I got to interview Andrew W.K.? Nope? No worries, here’s the video.

Back in March, I got the opportunity to work the red carpet at The Emerging Comic of New York Awards (ECNY). After a 2 month delay (and many wasted hours trying to catch up on my DVR’d Scrubs – damn you, Zach Braff), I finally got around to posting all the red carpet videos. Check me out in all my Seacreast-ness.

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Filler Blog Post

I’m in the middle of traveling today, and won’t be on a reliable wifi network until well after you’ve had your 3rd cup of coffee, and your boss is already breathing down your neck about why the corporate credit card has a Pizza Of The Month membership charge on it. Anyway, to fulfill your readership and cover up my obvious lack of preparation, here’s a picture of a dog flying a skateboard plane. Hilarious, indeed. Talk tomorrow.

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Emo 2Pac

I was never much of a 2Pac fan, but I always loved his track “Do For Love” off R U Still Down [Remember Me] – the first of his umpteen billion posthumous albums. This one first dropped in the fall of 1997. Sadly, in our iTunes culture, it’s become a lost track, but that’s why things like YouTube are invaluable resources. This is probably the most emo 2Pac could ever get, short of thicker glasses and wearing rejected, oversized Cosby sweaters.

And, of course, if I’m going to post a rare 2Pac clip, I’ve got to show you a little something from Biggie Smalls, and I found something perfect – 17 year old Notorious B.I.G. freestyling on the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn; prime footage of BIG when he was still unsigned talent, local phenomenon.

These days, if you hit up Bed-Stuy, you’re liable to find one of three things – a renovated crack house that goes for $1000 a month, a luxury condo, or a Time Out-winning restaurant. The landscape of this borough is constantly evolving; far past the Hipster Cliches that seemed to rule the 718 only a few years ago. And to be frank: Williamsburg has been officially annexed by Manhattan, so no one south of it takes it all that seriously anymore. Now, we have The Barclays Center to worry about, partly masterminded by BIG’s former protege, Jay-Z. With the impending arrival of an NBA franchise 15 blocks away from my house, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. Brooklyn has changed, and some of the elements that made it Brooklyn are gone, too. But as with all things, new can only bring another identity for another generation of Brooklynites. And I wonder sometimes, what that will be, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, I’m applying tomorrow to open up a Dinosaur Farm in Ditmas Park. Bike shorts and t-shirts to be available via Cafepress come June.

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Same Phillies Story, Different Year

The picture says it all. While I still think The Phillies-Mets rivalry is one of the weaker ones to involve The City Of Brotherly Love, it still rules to come out on top… and rule The NL East. Nice try, ‘Mazins.

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