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10 Times The Jaguars Mascot Offended Us

Yesterday, Jax – the mascot of the NFL team The Jacksonville Jaguars – got into some hot water.  During a home game against The Pittsburgh Steelers, he displayed a sign on local TV mocking the recent U.S. outbreak of Ebola and Steelers’ Terrible Towel.


Now, the obvious question here is: “Who cares?  It happened in Jacksonville, Florida.”  But, it’s been a controversial year for the NFL.  Scandal after scandal seems to be cropping up, and unfortunately: it’s no different with Jax – a mascot who is well known for pushing the league’s buttons.

In 10 different instances over the years, Jax has shown things on that sign that no one would ever find funny.

1) 2012 vs. The Miami Dolphins


2) 2009 vs. The Minnesota Vikings


3) 2013 vs. The Houston Texans


4) 2005 vs. The Oakland Raiders


5) 2008 vs. The New York Giants Super Bowl run, when a Jacksonville win would’ve kept them out of the postseason


Progressively, Jax has also taken personal liberties with that sign, going beyond football games themselves to express his often “radical” opinions on matters.

6) In 2012, when Jacksonville was rumored to be trading for native son Tim Tebow


7) In 2009, when a public option for healthcare was still in discussion


8) Again in 2009, when state education departments began implementing the Common Core Initiative


9) In 2011, when Jax weighed in on the dealings of Hollywood


10) During the 2014 preseason, when it just got weird


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