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Quick Thoughts: Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere”

I got a chance to see Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere on New Year’s Day, and would go onto to call it Lost In Translation Lite as I lightly chuckled myself to sleep that night.  Stephen Dorff was great, but much of the film’s “real time” aesthetics lost me fairly quickly into its start.  I heard Coppola mention on Fresh Air with Terry Gross that she wanted her audience to be on the same page with Dorff’s character from the first scene.  Hence the multiple long shots, filming cigarettes being smoked in real time and all that other good artsy stuff.  It’s an interesting choice that sometimes works, but can be off-putting.  In fact, if you’re out of the right frame of mind, the whole movie can leave you wondering when it’s all going to be over.  Not unlike a recent conversation I had about Mad Men, I often fail to buy into uber-subtlety in storytelling – style really only goes so far, in my mind.

Either way, interesting flick, but not one I was in love with; Stephen Dorff’s performance is great.  Great acting is something Sofia Coppola is excellent with in all her films.

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