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5 Reasons My Life Could Get Better Without Cable

While I’m still job hunting, I’m trying to reduce my expenses, which includes getting rid of my precious cable TV. Being a child that grew up without cable, but has now lived for 9 months of it, this is both easy and hard. As I prepare to cancel it this week, I thought to write up this list to help me fight against cold feet.

  1. I could actually leave my apartment.
  2. I wouldn’t feel guilty for not watching 39 episodes of DVR’d Pawn Stars – all reruns.
  3. I could actually afford a $5 Footlong from Subway.
  4. I would stop stop dreaming about Aleksandr Skarsgard watching me longingly as I slept.
  5. I could finally come to grips with a stark realization that I first had when I got cable: after its second season, Scrubs became god-awful.


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