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John Lee Hooker, Solo

Boss. Until the end of time.

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Amending Freddie

Yesterday, I may’ve confused a few people by encouraging them to rock out to Big Country with an epic picture of Freddie Mercury.

I then tipped the scales only further by invoking the lyrics of a completely different song in order to rock to Big Country’s song.

For this gaffe, I apologize. To make amends, I present the music video to said misquoted song – “I Want To Break Free” by Queen – in order to give both works equal face time.

Sorry again, Freddie.

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The Ultimate Party Jam

My ultimate party song: “In A Big Country” by Big Country. Any time, I need to throw down – Served style – that’s my shit.

“In A Big Country” by Big Country

Enjoy the track while rocking out to this extremely epic photo of Freddie Mercury from Queen! “I Want To Break Freeeeeee!”


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Please Buy This Album…


I saw Vivian Girls (not to be confused with the indie band from Australia) open for Sonic Youth at The McCarren Pool Park show over Labor Day ’08. Since then, they’ve been burning up the Brooklyn music scene here in New York. Their sound is something of a cross between The Donnas, lo-fi, and punk.

Their debut album is very cheap on iTunes and they are awesome live. I highly recommend you check out Vivian Girls.

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