#ManTips: Sex


It’s #ManTips Monday; 10 easy tips for being a better man.

  1. Don’t: assume sex on the first date. Do: suggest the first date be at your place.
  1. Don’t: expect a blowjob. Do: set the mood with a bluegrass record.
  1. Don’t: buy Magnum condoms. Do: wear JNCO wide leg jeans.
  1. Don’t: be a fake. Do: hide your Ninja Turtle action figures.
  1. Don’t: avoid eating her out. Do: show her 200 saved Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons ahead of time.
  1. Don’t: wear Axe Body Spray. Do: anything else.
  1. Don’t: get upset she fakes orgasm. Do: get upset when she falls asleep first.
  1. Don’t: troll for sex on Tinder. Do: troll for Farmer’s Market companions.
  1. Don’t: fuck and run. Do: fuck, make coffee, listen to a story about her dead dad, and then say you have brunch plans.
  1. Don’t: call her. Do: send roses to her job with a card that says: “Thanks for fucking.”

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