WTF? with Marc Maron, Kevin Smith

I’m a big fan of WTF? with Marc Maron (yes, I’ll cop to jumping on the bandwagon with the Robin Williams episode).  Anyway, if you get a chance, I highly recommend Marc’s latest interview with Kevin Smith – director of Clerks, Clerks 2, Dogma, and the upcoming Red State (which looks super-creepy and awesome).  Listening to Kevin speak brought back some great childhood memories.  It was his whole rags-to-riches story – writing and producing Clerks at 23 years old, which propelled him to stardom soon after – that showed all of us South Jersey adolescent film geeks that we could write and sell a screenplay in Hollywood.  Kevin’s movies were inspirational to myself and many of my friends, like my upcoming guest on Sleeping In with Matt Fried, Jim Campolongo.  One of the biggest moments I had as a teenager was getting a chance to see him do a Q&A at Rutgers-Camden back in 1997.  I was only 14, and he talked endlessly about making Chasing Amy and refusing to be put in a box artistically – there’s something reassuring to know that he still fights the same fight 14 years later.  Enjoy.

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