5 Episode Pitches after the Unexpected Sad Twist on “How I Met Your Mother”

As fans of How I Met Your Mother know, things got real real fast two weeks ago on episode 13.  In the wake of Marshall burying his dad next Monday night, you can only imagine where such an upbeat, generally positive sitcom will go after such gravitas.  Obviously, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas willing to pull out a few stops, so here’s a few ideas (and a single hope that they regularly check Google Blogs)…

1) After the funeral, Marshall struggles to cope with the loss of his father, which leads to a crippling addiction to gummy worms.  Lily soon becomes ensnared in his web of addiction, and both of them can’t go on living without processed sugar in the house.  This sets up a 3 episode spoof of the 1962 classic, Days of Wine and Roses.

2) Upon his return to New York, Marshall is continually harrassed by Ted to come to grips with his dad’s death.  Eventually, Ted appears at Marshall’s front door dressed as his dad in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s robes, re-enacting the Hoth blizzard sequence from Empire Strikes Back.  Marshall punches Ted in the face.  The episode title is then revealed to be, “We Thought We’d Do Our Fans A Favor By Finally Giving Someone An Excuse To Punch Ted In The Face”.

3) A week after the funeral, Barney checks in with Marshall to see how he is dealing with his dad’s death.  They quickly develop a deeper friendship, commiserating over their respective daddy abandonment issues.  After one long night at the office, one thing leads to another, and both of them wake-up naked and spooning one another on Marshall’s desk.  The episode sets up a 3 episode spoof of the 2009 indie comedy, Hump Day.

4) Robin decides to do Marshall a sweet favor by starting a drive  amongst the friends to buy Marshall and his brothers season tickets to The Minnesota Vikings.   Upon receiving the tickets, Marshall realizes latent feelings of attraction he may or may not have for Robin.  Things get even weirder, when – for no reason – she shows up at McLaren’s in a bikini top and with a Ditka mustache.  What’s a horny Minnesota Vikings fan to do in such a dilemma?

5) In the middle of the night, Marshall is awoken by the ghost of his father.  Papa Erikson assures his son to be strong and continue to make him proud.  Also, that he intends on haunting Marshall and Lily for the next year.  Marshall adds this kind of reminds him of “that Bill Cosby movie, Ghost Dad.”  The episode sets up a 3 episode spoof of My Dinner with Andre (If He Were A Ghost)

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