Based On The Trailer, This Looks Horrible: “Life As We Know It”

I think Katherine Heigl could benefit from some serious blacklisting. It would help her steer clear from choosing to act in more candidates for Worst Film of 2010. True – Sandra Bullock kept piling the schlock onto her resume until one piece of schlock won her an Oscar. But Life As We Know It, the latest offer featuring her and Josh Duhamel, is pure schlock with a very clear undertone of morbid. In it, Eric and Holly just don’t get each other – there’s NO WAY these two would ever get together; until their best friends die and leave them in charge of their infant daughter. Because, not only would that happen in real life, but it totally sounds like a great premise for a romantic comedy. Look, I get it – rom coms are easy moneymakers, and Hollywood isn’t going to stop making them. But, seriously – this? This movie looks terrible, and it – sadly – starts with the script. I do predict an upside in marketing to niche religious audiences. Plus, I will give the film credit for literally putting poop on Heigl’s face.

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