10 Things You Can Always Expect By Mid-Summer In NYC

Photo Credit: “Summer In The Lower East Side” by Weegee (Arthur Fellig), 1937

1. If it’s yet to happen, don’t expect a summer romance until Labor Day Weekend. By then, everyone is going to be looking for one last, drunken hurrah; before the fall and common sense sets in.

2. Welcome to your internship’s high point. You now know: how to beat the line at the local Starbucks, how crowded the rush hour 6 train is going to be, and which bars will never remind you that you don’t actually live in New York.

3. No matter what, there will always be an Ultimate Frisbee Game you can join in on in Prospect Park. Beer gut, body hair, and being 5 years removed from college should never stop you from going shirtless.

4. “Did you hear about The Clash reunion concert at Central Park Summer Stage?” Yes, it sold-out during the AMEX pre-sale back in April.

5. Some things are never forever, but the Annual Summer Choking of the post-Torre era New York Yankees appears to becoming a great tradition.

6. The Class of 2009 moves into LES, the East Village, and Williamsburg looking for a paycheck, a purpose, and the best place to get 2 for 1 PBRs.

7. A vacation and a “stay-cation” are one in the same in Recession-era NYC. Be ready for raging, Jimmy Buffett-infused beach parties on the fire escapes of Chinatown.

8. Yes, Shakespeare In The Park is producing another great season of summer theater. For free tickets these days, sleeping out on Lafayette Street is the least of your concerns.

9. Substitute “ice cream” for “crack”, because Mister Softee is one welcomed plague on the streets of New York City.

10. The new Wilco album is awesome. You should download it; y’know – now that Virgin Megastore is extinct.


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2 responses to “10 Things You Can Always Expect By Mid-Summer In NYC

  1. you’re not going to find a place in the EV, LES or Williamsburg anymore without a paycheck already.

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