Will Play For Beer

In some weird alternate universe – 10 years from now – I imagine I’ll be playing bass in a Replacements cover band. Occasionally, we’ll stretch our set list to Husker Du and Guided By Voices. I’ll have a longtime girlfriend with whom I’ve talked seriously about marrying and starting a family. Maybe I’ll still be in Brooklyn, in some big fancy brownstone. Or, maybe I’ll have moved to Chicago, and I’ll be living in Wicker Park, in some awesome townhouse, for which I’ll only be paying $950 a month. Oh, and for no reason whatsoever, I’ll be a web designer. As I said, it’s an alternate universe.

But before you start the countdown to “Sexy thirtysomething Matt Fried”, ladies, let’s at least step this back to the first part. Recently, I’ve been asking myself if there was anything else I wish I could do, outside of writing. That answer is simple: I wish I could actually rock out in band. Nothing too over-the-top. As I mentioned, we wouldn’t be looking to be the next Journey. Maybe a five-piece outfit (including a keyboardist) that focused mostly on indie pop, post-punk, and flirted with alterna-country. Something modest that we all do on the side while we’re out actually making a paycheck. Maybe my girlfriend is the keyboardist (is it sexist too assume the keyboardist would be a woman?). Also, with shows where we’d get a huge turn-out, we would definitiely wow ’em with a encore of a quadruple Get Up Kids set: “In Her Sea”, “Ten Minutes”, “Campfire Kansas”, and “The Company Dime”. None of this is meant to be done for fame. We’re just a couple of people who like to rock out on the weekends.

All of this would happen if I could, in fact, play a bass. Or guitar. I remember that, as a kid, I spent a year trying to learn, but ultimately gave up. At the time I thought “I guess music just isn’t my thing.” These days though, I’m looking for an excuse to get out of the house of an hour, away from writing so that my brain doesn’t COMPLETELY implode on itself. I still have the guitar. The Brooklyn Guitar School is up the street from me. Hmmm…


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4 responses to “Will Play For Beer

  1. Anonymous

    I f it is a passion of yours to learn how to play…..than do! Time passes so quickly and the older you become the faster time passes.
    Follow your passion. There is a christian artist named Carmen. Carmen wrote a song about 20 years ago and the choris of the song is let this:” God wouldn’t put it in your spirit if it wasn’t goin’ no where.” So, Mr. Fried, let the dream be a goal. Let the goal be written and take action on the writtien goal. It is a committment of types so maybe that is your struggle. You don’t want to be overwhelm. It’s not over till it is over. Be this is something you will do in five years or so. Maybe there is so much on your plate right now there really is not time for it. It is something you really want you will find the time, eventually.
    Keep it fun. Being good at something does take practice…. a lot of practice if you are unsure of your self. You’s figure it out.

  2. Anonymous

    Where do the comments go once you submit them? Please forgive me. I am a novice of sorts when it come so this type of technologist.

  3. I’m like really fuckin’ good at rockband….I’m just throwing that out there….

  4. I’m one bad ass guitarist.
    On Guitar Hero.
    But only for one song.
    Set on easy.

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