Mr. Obama goes to Washington

My live blog feed of the 2009 Obama Inauguration.


10:48 – Did I just see Cheney in a wheelchair?

10:49 – Obama and Bush exit the White House together for the Capital. Two men of fate, side-by-side. Obama looks ready, Bush looks relieved.

10:54 – People are cheering the Presidential motorcade. It’s been 8 years since I’ve seen that.

10:55 – NBC just compared the Bush-Obama car ride to the Carter-Regan car ride. Huh?

10:59 – The First Ladies arrive at the Capital.

11:00 – One of the leaders of the House just kissed Michelle Obama on the cheek. Somebody’s hoping for a Valentine next month.

11:03 – The Supreme Court arrives on the platform. Barack Obama is being sworn in by a man he tried to indict – awkward.

11:04 – Ted Kennedy looks about regal as he had in years.

11:05 – Reggie Love. Former Duke basketball player, future personal assistant to Barack Obama. Alright, it’s not the Chicago Bulls, but not a bad gig.

11:08 – Dan Quayle. Al Gore. Walter Mondale. Um… who invited these guys?

11:11 – NBC is wondering if Obama’s speech is going to be FDR-esqe. I’m just wondering if Al Gore is going to start crying like a Jewish mother at a bar mitzvah.

11:14 – George Bush, Sr. is walking with a limp, but he still plans to sky dive on his 85th birthday. Not a fan, but that’s pretty badass.

11:15 – President Clinton and Secretary of State Clinton walk toward the platform. It’s like watching Princess Leia and Shaft show up.

11:18 – Millions of people on the Mall. This is something unreal, even sitting here at home watching it.

11:19 – Hiya, Jimmy Carter.

11:20 – Hello, George.

11:21 – Washington just exploded in joy at the intro of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ahem, awkward much other living Presidents?

11:23 – Is it weird that I have a little crush on Barbera Bush? The younger one.

11:27 – The First Daughters just got a huge reception. Apparently, their dad is still making them make their own beds.

11:32 – Michelle Obama = Jackie Kennedy Y2K9?

11:35 – Cheney in a wheelcahir again, this is priceless.

11:36 – W. is introduced aaaaannnnndddd… nothing except some scattered applause. Wow. The Obama daughters got a bigger reception than the 43rd President of The United States.

11:37 – Is W. trash-talking Michelle Obama?

11:38 – First shot of Obama before he even enters the platform – D.C. goes crazy.

11:39 –  Joe Biden enters. More insanity.

11:41 – The crowds are chanting “Obama! Obama!”

11:43 – Barack Obama is introduced onto the platform. Insanity, madness, glee – none of that describes what the city of D.C. is experiencing.

11:45 – Dianne Feinstein approaches the podium.

11:50 – Rick Warren’s invocation; is he tearing up?

11:53 – Aretha Franklin’s “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee”. Bluesy gospel. You know she’s getting a little extra enjoyment out of puttin’ some soul in this.

11:57 – Alright Biden, it’s finally your time in the sun.

11:58 – Welcome to D.C., Vice President Biden!

11:59 – A John Williams song? Uh… okay…

12:04 – What are the Obama daughters doing?

12:04 – 8 years. 45 years. Waiting. Waiting. History is about to happen.

12:05 – Welcome to Washington, President Obama.

12:06 – America is going crazy.

12:07 – Obama approaches the podium.

12:09 – “We have chosen hope over fear.”

12:13 – “We must begin the work of re-making America.”

12:17 – “We are ready to lead once more!”

12:26 – One hell of a speech.

12:27 – Elizabeth Alexander approaches the podium. Maya Angelou wasn’t available?

12:30 – Not bad Ms. Poet Laureate.

12:32 – A benediction? There’s more?

12:38 – The National Anthem. President Barack Obama. What a way to kick off a Tuesday afternoon.

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