Goodnight, McNabb?


Well, yesterday’s NFC Championship Game was a little hard to swallow. The Philadelphia Eagles’ luck finally ran out with a score of 32-25, losing to the… Arizona. Cardinals. Yup, that’s not a misprint.

I’ve been an Eagles fan all my life and I’ve watched almost every big playoff upset of the last 15 years. Here’re my thoughts: Donovan McNabb played a hell of a game. We weren’t beaten to the point of screaming “Mercy!”, as it’s been in the past. It was a hard-fought to the end, and that’s the consolation of this loss – nobody rolled over and played dead.

Now, there’s the obvious question: “What’s next for McNabb?” Will he stay or will he go? My guess: the Era of #5 is not over yet. This game may not have ended the way I wanted, but Donovan McNabb has proven that he’s still got what it takes.

Thanks for the ’08 memories, Donovan. Hope to see you in August.

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One response to “Goodnight, McNabb?

  1. He’ll be back. No reason not to return – still capable. But if only he’d played that hard ALL season… Oh well – too sad, too bad. COWBOYS WIN! No, I mean, CARDINALS WIN!!! CARDINALS WIN! Now it’s YOUR turn to “SUCK IT!” as you so kindly put it when the Eagles got into the playoffs….. SUCK IT, MATT FRIED! SUCK IT!

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